24 Sep 2013

OshawaSpaceInvaders on the Station Gallery Blog

 Olex Wlasenko, an OshawaSpaceInvader and Curator at the Whitby Station Gallery has written this beautiful blog post about OSI from his point of view...Take a momrent to read it.

Artcrawl was fabulous...attendance was record-breaking

Artcrawl was Fabulous!  Saturday September 22nd, it rained but attendance was great.  Attendance on Friday Sep. 20 ...up to 400 people visited each venue.

Oshawa wants more OshawaSpaceInvaders.

5 Aug 2013

"Everything is Okay" It's just some Space Invaders in Downtown Oshawa


Installation and interactive art by Judith Mason, Leslie Menagh & Ramune Luminaire joins OshawaSpaceInvaders (OSI), September 13 through 28 in Downtown Oshawa

A hit of the 2012 Toronto Nuit Blanche, OSI is pleased to include the work of these three talented and acclaimed artists.

Several full-bodied, life-sized space invaders will be out on the streets of Oshawa for the public to find, printed with the words ‘ EVERYTHING IS OK. Pass me and my message on‘ . This will give members of the community an opportunity to walk around with a space invader, take a photo,  upload it to their Facebook page, and pass the space invader on to someone else. 

For a taste of this exciting artwork go to these links.

28 Jul 2013

What's The Vault?  It's Oshawa's newest art & culture centre at 19 Simcoe Street North.  Here are two links.

http://slowcity.ca/1/post/2013/05/the-vault.html      and    https://www.facebook.com/thevault.19simcoe

Digging Oshawa is an exhibition of paintings celebrating Oshawa through its architecture.  The show opened on Thursday, July 19th, at The Vault and was followed by a lively round table discussion of Rodger's art and why it's important to celebrate Oshawa, a city that we seem to have a love-sort of dislike relationship with.  It was a discussion that city councillors might have benefitted from hearing.

Marg Rodgers is an OshawaSpaceInvader and guests at the opening included Wil McGuirk, Steven Frank and Gary Greenwood, who are also OshawaSpaceInvaders and will be participating in OshawaSpaceInvaders in September in....Oshawa.

Some pictures from the opening and discussion.

 It was a long time ago (1992-95) and Oshawa was indeed another galaxy much of it suffering from the GM Closure Bandits. Space then was a multitudes of  small and larger spaces, emptied due to cosmic recession.  And so, a small group of art warriors gathered to retake space and bring new life to the Oshawa Downtown.  In time, the recession was beaten and the GM Closure Bandits were chased away although they would return every few years around the time of contract negotiations.

This new time is a brighter time and the economic sun that shines on Planet Oshawa is somewhat warmer.  The art warriors who were called Artfest had gone away to colonize new universes and the the home planet cultivated new and exciting art warrior groups - Iris, Broken Arts, Vault, the O'Neill's, Sean's Fine Artists...

For some Oshawhat information about Artfest go here.....

The adventure continues   ...    Oshawa Space Invaders   ...    this September.